About Us


Taking the art of the açaí bowls to newer, fresher, and healthier heights!


Our mission is to change the base of what a traditional açaí bowl is made of. By using a purée of the açaí fruit, we are cutting down on added sugars and focusing on the overall benefits of this superfood. Serving it out of our upgraded food truck, aiming to make it as mainstream as ice cream. We hope to catch you on our wave real soon!


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Our Açaí

Our frozen purées of açaí accentuate the true flavor and profile of this superfood to the purest form without the added sugars you receive in a blended bowl.



Our açaí berries are sourced from the foothills of the Brazilian rainforest. They are liquified and combined with the locust bean to enhance the texture for a smooth sorbet finish.



The açaí berries are a fantastic source for fiber, antioxidants, and heart healthily fats. A natural source of Vitamin A and C, this superfood isn’t just good for you but tastes amazing.

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Our combinations of our açaí purée products topped with fresh fruits, gluten free granola, and added drizzle, will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and renewed for the rest of the day!




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Our Home Base:

38799 Bunting Ave

Fenwick Island, DE